Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl 48 picks

Wreck wins over all record with a strong playoffs but best bet is still in play. Second and last are also still up for grabs as we pick the Super Bowl against the spread:

Steve 47-49-1 Best Bet 11-9 Playoffs 7-5

Broncos -2.5 v Seahawks
Over 48
31 - 27 Broncos

Coast 45-50-2 Best Bet 10-10 Playoffs 6-6

Seahawks +2.5 v Broncos
Over 48

Wreck 53-44 Best Bet 12-8 Playoffs 10-2

Seahawks +2.5 v Broncos
Under 48

24-17 Seahawks


  1. Love wreck's analysis.. good as any. strong knowledge in his field... this will be the exact score

  2. final tally

    wreck wins 54-45
    steve 2nd 48-50-1
    Coast last 47-50-2

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