Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Buffalo Bills 2014 Mock Draft Compilation 2/6/14

by Steve

Since there is nothing else of any interest to talk about with Buffalo sports lets look at some recent mock drafts from other shitty websites (with my pithy comments) and I'll give my selection as of today:

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
"This is a similar pick to the one the Buccaneers made at No. 7; Buffalo is filling a lesser hole, but happens to be taking the top player available on the board. There's even talk that Greg Robinson, who had a terrific showing in the national championship, could pass Jake Matthews as the No. 1 tackle.

Having said that, Buffalo has more of a need for a tackle than Tampa - click here to see the team needs for the Bills - because there's a rather large hole on the right side. Greg Robinson could start there right away, and he could eventually switch spots with Cordy Glenn if that's what the coaching staff wants to do."

Wtffff? A right tackle at number nine over all?  Is this a dream, am I living on planet Earth?  Quick who is Seattle's right tackle? try someone named Breno Giacomini. The Broncos? Orlando Franklin, who I've heard of at least (and he was a 2nd round pick) but their LT has been hurt all year.

Mel Kiper

Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

I think bleacher report wrote this" The Buffalo Bills must refocus on winning in the trenches first and foremost, and that new mindset begins with the selection of standout Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson to protect quarterback EJ Manuel, who was banged up in his rookie season."

Trenches? WTF? How about someone for Manuel to throw the god damn rock to at worst?

 CBS Sports Dane Brugler

Erik Ebron, TE, UNC
"The Bills need to add a big, physical presence in the receiving game, whether at wide receiver or tight end. Ebron is a freak athlete who will instantly help the Bills offense and second-year quarterback EJ Manuel."

Someone I agree with, to a point.  Is Ebron really worth a top ten pick?  It fills a major need at a position the Bills have never filled.  Then again can the Bills really worry too much about "value" at this point?

Todd McShay (albeit published in December)

Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
"Analysis: This scenario works out well for Buffalo. The Bills need to upgrade the O-line and provide QB EJ Manuel with more time to throw, and Lewan could immediately help solidify this unit. Lewan isn't an exceptional athlete but he has enough quickness to get by when coupled with his physicality and mean streak. I've written a few times this season that even though Lewan doesn't always look like a prototype left tackle, he is very effective in run blocking and pa## protection. Safety might be seen as a bigger need for Buffalo, but typically if you have a chance to take an offensive tackle over a safety in the first round, you do it."

Lewan was pegged as a top 5-10 pick last year as a tackle outta Michigan but stayed in and appears to be falling.  Why all these guys love the Bill taking a tackle despite the fact they have a top 15 tackle (at least per PFF "Stud: The team drafted Cordy Glenn (+23.0) to be a stud left tackle, and a stud left tackle he has come. A superb pass blocker, Glenn has allayed any fears of those who figured he’d be a guard in the pros.". I just don't get it!!

Daniel Jeremiah via

CJ Mosley, Alabama, OLB

No analysis from this dude but I see him working.  Going defense is always a good idea in my book and the Bills need a linebacker.  Do the Bills like Alonso in the middle?  Will Khalil Mack be available?


Steve via

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

6'5 225 beast (turning 21 in August) instantly filling a need.  My questions are about his age and experience his route running and his speed.  Do any of these things matter too much?  Actually, they do, but these guy is a play maker and has the size the Bills need.  His combine will be crucial to his draft slot (duh).  Then again anything is better than  watching Stevie Johnson not make plays and limp around the field while dropping big passes.


  1. Orlando Franklin also played the most disgraceful game in recent memory on a Super Bowl so that's a terrible example