Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 MLB Total Wins: NL

by Steve

Let's take a look at the over under total wins for each team in the National League.  Oh and my predictions of course:  (AL over /under's)

NL East

Atlanta Braves 88 over
What is going on down there in Atlanta?  Elbow ligaments are poppin off more than the choppas. This division stinks which leads me to believe they can still win 89+

Washington Nationals 89.5 over
Might be the lock of the year albeit I probably thought that last year too.

NY Mets 74.5 under
Still a year away from almost contending.

Philadelphia Phillies 75.5 under
This team is toast.  New manager, old ass players and limited talent.

Miami Marlins 69.5 under
That is a lot of losses then again this team is pathetic.


Chicago Cubs 69.5 over
This franchise is pathetic.

Pittsburgh Pirates 84 over
Last year was no fluke.

Milwaukee Brewers 80 under
Rebuilds typically take more than one year.

St Louis Cardinals 92 under
90 or 91 wins sounds about right

Cincinnati Reds 84 over
No more Dusty, I love it!


LA Dodgers 93.5 under
They're really good but exceptionally good? Nah.

San Diego Padres 79 under
This team is all no names and nobodies. I don't see it

Arizona Diamondbacks
No clue, I'll say push.

SF Giants 85.5 over
This team is loaded with arms and still no bats.  Last year was a fluke

Colorado Rockies 76.5 under
The division is decent but the Rockies aren't.

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