Monday, March 10, 2014

Buffalo Bills and Free Agency

By Steve
The Bills have needs all over the field from quarterback to third string running to basically every other position. Let's face it the team is nearly devoid of talent.

With about $25 mil in cap space the Bills have options but they will have to either over pay or find players with fewer options later in the free agency process. But who wouldn't want another Manny Lawson esque signing.

Here is my list of the Bills biggest needs:

1. Linebacker
2. Right Tackle
3. Guard
4. Tight End
5. Running Back

I don't have quarterback or wide receiver listed because neither exist in free agency. It is rare for a WR to not be a bust and get way too much money (Robert Meachem, Mike Wallace). The Bills gotta go wr, s, qb, te, and cb in the draft.

There are a bunch of ILBs available assuming the Bills want to move Kiko Alonso to the outside.  Everyone suggests Brandon Spikes, which I don't hate, because he played for the Patriots and he is good against the run (the Bills #1 weakness). Walterfootball has him ranked as the fifth best player available at the position.  I'd have interest in someone like Jon Beason or Erin Henderson too.

There is zero chance the Bills go after an expensive RT in free agency but presumably they'll sign someone to replace Eric Pears.  Guards? I have no clue because most guards are basically the exact same.

Tight End on the other hand is an interesting position.  Brandon Pettigrew has been a bit of a bust since being drafted 20th overall in 2009 but has the intangibles. Obviously Detroit doesn't believe he is worth big money but who's to say how much cash he'll get.  Brandon Myers is available and coming off a bad season with the Giants.  Andrew Quarless?

The Bills will be linked to Michael Vick but won't sign him, they'll over pay a linebacker and generally will do very little of impact.  The Bills are in a lose lose situation.  If they over pay and land a whale ala Mario Williams then everyone questions why a player would take that much money to go to a loser franchise like Buffalo.  And if they don't sign anyone then they are cheap and unwilling to make the moves needed to dramatically improve the roster.  Build the defense in free agency, build the offense in the draft and fire Jeff Littman.

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