Friday, March 7, 2014

The State of the Sabres

by Steve

Here's hoping no Sabre fan was in a coma the last seven days or they wouldn't believe the chaos that has ensued.  Pat Lafontaine gone and won't be replace, Miller, Ott and Moulson, peaced, and Ted Black is still saying stupid things.  So at least somethings haven't changed.

First a little Theodore Black rant (wait who the hell is this new guy Joe Battista because he seems like another fucktard in Pegula's inner circle).  This guy Ted is either a raving lunatic or a sly genius.  How much does he get paid to do the things he does?  They are part heroic (taking call after call from fucktard Sabre fans on WGR) and part moronic (saying idiotic things like "we could make the playoffs next year if we wanted to")  It is either the hardest or best job in the world but I'm not sure which.

The loser in this whole ordeal besides the fans is Terry Pegula.  He hires and fires (Err forces to resign) Pat Lafontaine in three months?  What kind of vetting/interview process did Terrence run Patty Lala through?

"Oh hey, you're Sabre "legend" Pat Lafontaine, right?" - Pegula

"yeah" - Lafontaine


"Wait, for what job?" - L

"Oh.. UMMMM HOWS, OMGZ, UMM... GM?!" - P

"Oh, well I've never done that before and I don't think I'm quite ready.  How about president of hockey operations?" - L

"How introspective and thoughtful, YOU'RE HIRED!! We'll work out the deets later vis-a-vis power structure etc.!" - P

"Wait, what were we talking about?  What does is it?" - L

"Hehehehe ohhh Patty-bear"- P

Was the conversation even that long?  Either way Pegula looks worse than Lafontaine (who we may never hear from again) and he has lost even more credibility if the fanboy  had any left.

On the trade front, who knows.  At least all of the pending UFAs were moved and the haul seems to be at least market value.  It seems Tim Murray has a clue what he is doing.  It helps that he is a straight talker and his name isn't Darcy Regier so who would even criticize him at this point any way.  Plus this team won't be good for at least another year ( I mean Black did say they don't want to make the playoffs next year, right?) so there isn't even much pressure on Murray which helps.

The franchise surprisngly may not be in as much chaos and turmoil as it might seem.  Yes, they have a buffoon owner, no talent, a bunch of yes men who may or may not yield too much power within the fanboy's inner circle, an interim head coach who may or may not want to still be a head coach in the NHL and no direction (other than hoping to win back to back lotteries [oh and get lucky picking the right players on top of getting lucky with the ping pong balls]).  But they have a decent head coach (for now, and assuming he accepts the contract extension, which he has to) and a seemingly strong general manager that probably has autonomy with the roster.

Basically, just don't become the Edmonton Oilers, stop making news for the wrong reasons for at least 6 months) and maybe this team will be worth watching in 2015.  Have fun idiot season ticket holders, lets just hope I remember we have a team by next June.

Oh and who is worse?  The Buffalo News sports writers who all hate the Sabres and are miffed because Pegula won't kiss their rings or the WGR550 ass clowns who fall all over themselves to buddy up with the organization?

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