Friday, July 25, 2014

After 1 Week of Bills Training Camp

By Steve

Granted I haven't been to SJF yet and probs wont but lets run down what we know after one week of Buffalo Bills training camp (based on media reports):

EJ Manuel is still a huge question mark. Then again Erik will probably always be a question mark until he stays healthy and plays in a playoff game (both of which I highly doubt ever happen).

The Bills lovvvve Jeff Tuel. Why is anyones god damn guess but is this guy really better than Thad Lewis (eek what a sad sentence)? Are these three clowns really the best available quarterbacks? Does Tuel have any chance of ever being a decent backup?

Marcell Dareus and Allan Branch are pieces of crap. Haven't these two morons know when training camp started since February? How are they not in good enough shape to pass a routine physical to be able to participate in camp? Everyone knows Dareus is a waste but shouldn't Branch be ready to step in when Mr Big Stuff gets suspended? Jeez.

Sam Watkins is talented. The guy will never live up to the 2 firsts the Bills needed to acquire him but at least he is showing what the Dougs saw when they drafted him (even if the highlight was a play where he was uncovered and he slipped before catching the ball).

The Bills are counting BIG TIME on Aaron Williams to be the new Jairus Byrd and to be the vocal leader on the defense. He got paid and he now needs to show he was worth it. I have reservations but anythings posssssibleeeee.

Match ups to watch still:

Searcy v Meeks v Duke
Bryce v Fred Jackson
Pears v Cyrus
Boobie v Summers
Graham v 7/11
The aforementioned "QBs"
Cordy Glenn v mystery illness (god help us all)

The Bills will probably still only win 7 games.

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