Friday, July 11, 2014

Lebron James Goes Back Home

By Steve

Quite clearly Lebron James hated being hated. He didnt like being the heel, the villain the bad guy. He got his rocks off in Miami, won some titles and is now goin back to C-town.

The decision blew up in his face. Clearly Lebron didnt anticipate the backlash from the debacle that was the decision. In this letter he wrote he sounds contrite and is saying all the right things.

Where was this perfect PR four years ago. Lebron couldnt have handled this any better and handled the last decision any worse.

The question now is will the Cavs make a move for Kevin Love? No the bigger question is will Lebron be beloved again? Id say instantly he will be loved again except maybe in Miami.

Cleveland should feel blessed today and verrrrry lucky.

WTF Pat Kane

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