Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wgr550 Twitter Personality Rankings

By Steve

Yeah yeah I know, Sam Watkins had a nice one handed catch uncovered after slipping in a red zone drill today, NEAT!

Buttt training camp is still boring, so lets take a look at the twitter follow count of all the "personalities" at WGR550 and see how they rank. (Granted I dont recommend following any of them [mostly because they blocked me] but I digress):

1. Jeremy White @jeremyWGR 37.8
2. Joe Buscaglia @joebuscaglia 27.6
3. Paul Hamilton @pham1717  27.3
4. John Murphy  @johnmurphyshow 18.6
5. Mike chap Schopp @schopptalk 18.5
6. Howard Simon @hsimon62 17.9
7. Sal Cappaccio @salsports 17.4
8. Chris poodle Parker @bulldogwgr 13.4
9. Brian Koziol @brianwgr 10.7
10. Matthew Coller @matthewcoller 2154
11. Thom Cich @thomWGR 1248

To recap, a huge drop off from first to second, worst handle easily is Paul walruss Hamilton and best handle might be salsports albeit the most lame. Most dissapointing is Bulldog and most surprising is John Murphy.

They all suck


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