Friday, July 18, 2014

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Over Unders

By Steve

Another Bills training camp starts and another year of dashed hopes and dreams looms. Could the Bills be good enough to make the playoffs? Absolutely. Is anyone with half a brain predicting it? Absolutely not.

Since no one cares who will be in a battle to replace Marcell Dareus for the first 4 games errrr Im too lazy to break that shit down so instead Ill give some over/unders on random things for the Bills this training camp:

Aug 8, the day Erik James has his first knee injury. As we all know ol' brittle knee had 3( three!) knee injuries last year. So after most of camp and 2 preseason games will Manuel still be walking sans crutches.

2.5, the number of games the Bills will win out of their 5 preseason games. As we know the Bills started off on a tear last year ripping up their first two games only to finish 2-2. Can Douggie rally the troops to get above .500?

.5, significant injuries to real players in camp. With Kiko Alonso already donzo Im being overly optimistic there wont be another biggie. Are you really willing to bet the over? Jerk

2.5 plays Sammy Watkins makes that tricks me into thinking using 2 first round picks on a wide receiver was a smart idea.

1 number of quarters it takes to remind us the Hall of Fame game blows.

6.5 the number of reports with the words "offense struggled" during camp

.5 the number of coordinators fired before the season starts. Think this is preposterous? This is the Bills might I remind you.

4.5 the number of times I reference Doug Marrone's trusted "dissapointment pamphlet".

2 the number of Jerry Sullivan columns mentioning Mario Williams high salary.

38 boring reports Joe Buscaglia provides live from St John Fisher.

6.5 total wins for the season. I have the Bills at 7-9

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