Monday, November 23, 2015

Bills 13 Patriots 20 Final

By Steve

Bad coaching bad officiating bad play calling bad luck and of course the Bills cough up a winnable game against a cheating team that always wins.

McKelvin fumbles on a punt return in the third quarter and the Patriots recover 2 fumbles on the play, Tyrod Taylor gets hurt, the Bills dont force the Patriots to do anthing in the second half.

It unbelievable if it was Bills at Patriots.

How Does Sammy Watkisn gets 0 targets in the first half? How does Watkins catch the ball and grt out of bounds with no one touching him and the clock isnt stopped? How do the Bills drop a TD miss a field and not run enough clock to allow the Patriots to not only get down the field but score a TD cause Graham cant tackle?

This shit is a nightmare that never ends..

Unfucking believable..

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  1. I was texting Coast last night...cut McKelvin...shades of 2009 all over again...I can't remember the last time he made a play? Hope Tyrod is okay...collarbone/shoulder injury? Agree Watkins needs more targets to get the vertical game going. That inadvertent whistle/sideline penalty was one of the weirdest calls I've ever seen...the Bills now have the same record as the Bucs.