Friday, November 6, 2015

Dolphins at Bills Preview

By Steve

True, I wrote off the season in last week's podcast after a remarkbly awful loss to the also ran Jax Jaguars, but there are still 9 games left. Sooo technically the season isn't literally over.

Some how the Bills and Dolphins are both 3-4. Only one team (lucky :/) changed their head coach already this season. The loser of this game can turn their focus to the draft and hiring a real head coach when they drop to 3-5.

In the first match up of these two also rans the Bills murdered the phins 41-14 in South Beach. Granted that game was with Joey Philbin at the helm but how the hell is this line 3 points. Dan Campbell is that great of an interim head coach that the spread is basically a pick em?

Yeah the Bills suck and haven't looked good in a long time but that long time ago was when the Bills had Taylor, Watkins, Mccoy, Henderson and Karlos healthy. Not to make injuries an excuse but Buffalo was as injured at important positions as basically any team possibly could be. (The team and especially the coaches are still to blame for that Jags loss. Why the fuck was Manuel throwing so much in that second quarter when he turned it over 3 times in 6 plays? What happened to feeding Mccoy?)

Either way, the point is the Bills are healthy, Dan Campbell is not a good head coach and the line, from an objective stand point, makes little sense. Generally speaking, the Bills have owned Ryan Tannehill. The best option Miami has to win the game is hammer Taylor and have Lamar Miller go off. Jay Ajayi is back for the Dolphins too.

Neither of those things seems likely. Miller has had a mediocre season and Cam Wake is out for the year. The Dolphins got right against shitty teams in the AFC South (including killing the Titans unlike the Bills who squeeked bye) but looked like the same old phins vs the Patriots.

Tyrod Taylor will do enough to win with a relatively healthy squad around him.

Fuck the Dolphins

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