Friday, November 13, 2015

Buffalo Bills Win a Big Game, Rare

By Steve

Nothing can ever be easy can it? 22-3 went to 22-17 seemingly in the blink of an eye and then the Bills muff a simple snap on a punt and the Jets have the ball inside the 30 yard line with 5 minutes to go. Here we go again..

Thankfully the Bills were playing against Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick and of course the Jets went scoreless the rest of the game. But jeez the Bills are confounding and heart attack inducing christ.

Buffalo did nothing the last 25 minutes of the game offensively. 3 and outs, dumb time outs (one coming out of a time out on first down?) Wtf? I dont care about head sets, jeez get a first down. Then again Shady, Tyrod and Watkins all made plays on the final drive when they needed it. A few first downs, no risky plays and a sick route by Watkins basically iced a crazy weird TNF game.

The question of how good the Buffalo Bills are will swirl around this squad for the rest of the year. One minute Shady is running roughshod and Taylor is slinging passes down field. The next minute the offense looks completely inept and confused. Then again isnt that what should be expected from a Rex Ryan coached team?

Piece of shit!!! OMGGGG Rex made IK a (gasp!) Captain against the team he inadvertantly helped out!! Die die die jeez who knew the NYC media was so soft and whinery [sic].

Make a game of it in New England on MNF, avoid injuries and get ready for the Chiefs in 16 days. No wins with this team will come easy the rest fof the way. If I wasnt a Bills fan I'd day there is a very good chance they'll make the playoffs as currently constituted but I know the history.

Beat KC and Houston, beat up on a bad NFC East and hope Rapelisraper keeps getting hurt and the Jets keep playing like they did last night.


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