Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chiefs 30 Bills 22 Season Over

By Steve

If I wasnt used to this since I was four years old it would be devastating. If I hadnt seen this happen every single year since i graduated middle school it would be tough to take. The Bills fuck up in new and different ways every year to lose games they could easily win.

Not one or even two challenge mistakes. Not this Sunday, loser fucktard Rex Ryan decided to fuck up challenging plays three fucking times against the Chiefs on this special day of ineptitude. Not challenging an alleged catch by Maclin that the Chiefs scored on the next play, not challenging a clear catch by Hogan, yet challenging a clear drop by Bob Woods. Truly incredible.

The Bills season ended not by a decent game by Taylor or by not throwing the ball to Watkins in the second half. No, the Bills lost because their defense is seriously overrated and the coach is fucking moronic.

I said all week, get up by ten on Alex Smith and the game is over. Not with a defense that cant sniff the QB against back up tackles, a center and RBs. Not against a concussed Darby. Not against a poorly coached team.

Why not continue to force the ball to your best player?
Why not try and catch mutiple dropped interceptions that could have been taken for easy touchdowns?

What a fuckin joke. Fuck my life. Fuck this team

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