Thursday, May 22, 2008

Buffalo sports memories

by coast/steve

Its rough going to the stadium the 2nd Sunday of September knowing that there is at least a 50 percent chance you are going to want to kill yourself in 3 hours.. 2002- Jets kickoff return, second of the day, to open overtime, 2003- smoking the pats 31 zip which was a tease and almost as bad as a heartbreaking loss considering the bills final record in 2003, 2004-earnest wilford, the catch you had to be there to wanna kill yourself for, 2005-jp losman (the former savior) looks competant against the texans-again a tease, 2006-robert royal block in the back, mcgahee doesnt know what down it is, 2007 jason elam running onto the field inanely instead of spiking the ball and gathering the team out there, then nailing the kick.

Since being a competent sports fan this is all I can recall..
4 super bowl losses, 3 world series losses( Indians in 95 and 97 Mets in 2000), the music city miracle, no goal, flutie fumbling, earnest wilford, willie parker, robert royal, jason elam, losing to the jags at home in the p-offs, 2 eastern conference finals losses, a goal that goes in through the side of the net, a 2-0 series lead in the alds blown, a 3-1 series lead in the alcs blown TO THE SAME TEAM.. pass interference on a hail mary, 13 losses in 14 games to the patriots, drafting mike williams, trading a 1st rounder for jp losman, trading a 1st rounder for drew bledsoe, 2 yard out on 4th and 7.. 3 time outs in 2 plays in the third quarter (Chargers) , melvin fowler getting blown up (Browns), screen pass on 4th and goal (Browns), going for it on 4th and 5 on the 25 yd line vs the titans('06), overtime kickoff return td, nick folk, fixed game, 10 yd cushion when a team needs to pick up like 5 yds to get in field goal range (Cowboys MNF).

It is enough to give you a brain aneurysm..
how is it posisble that we haven't been able to find a competant qb for 11 years.

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