Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fire Willy Randolph? Hell no..

by Steve

As Buster Olney writes allegedly Willie Randolph is on the hot seat. Well, I guess it isn't even alleged, it is rumored fact. And I, as a Mets fan, don't really understand it.

True, they had one of the most memorable Septembers ever in 2007, because it was a colossal meltdown, an embarrassment to baseball, an embarrassment to New York. Holy shit, what a collapse.

Butttt, the Mets are only 2 games out of first place and are above .500. The high hopes for this team are just not warranted. If the Mets brass is really willing to fire their manager with a winning record and within a 3 game sweep of first place, then I would love to see the list of replacements. I would love to.

A simple look at the roster and you have to really wonder all the hype and expectation. Carlos Delgado? Do Mets fans really not know what they are getting from him? .220 average maybe 20 home runs and 70ish rbi. If you are expecting more you are in denial.

Luis Castillo? Sure his batting average is pathetic right now, but he is "32" and has been playing for 12 seasons. Ok, actually we have a bone to pick here, wtf is wrong with this dude? He has been hurt but .259?

Jose Reyes, anyone getting sick of this dude? Ok that is pre-mature but .258? This might be the worst 1-2 combo in all of baseball at this point. These players need to suck it up and play god damn. That is the total reason this team isn't 'tearing it up' The top 2 are batting .2585 that is Cleveland Indians esque. All they need to do now is trade for Pronk and plop him in the 3 hole shit.

Ryan Church has been a nice surprise, Schneider is raking, D Wright is D Wright but w/ a .268 avg. The final piece to the puzzle is the bloated contract/bust that is Carlos Beltran. Holy shit this team can't hit. Great call firing the hitting coach last year, that has worked wonders. Wait, I'm not done ripping Beltran. Three dingers? .246 ? Third on the squad in runs batted in and its not even close? I need a line up shuffle big time.

The pitching staff isn't the problem, other than Oli Perez and his 4.61 era which still isn't awful. Thank god for Johnny Maine, we'll see you in the playoffs cause I areckon it is the Phillies turn to choke once again in September.

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