Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fuck the Penguins

by Steve

How does a team get the #1 pick then the #2 pick then the #1 pick in consecutive years? Mysteriously when the franchise is in turmoil, Mario Legend is owning the team and they are risking leaving the city and playing in the oldest piece of shit arena in the league. Some fishy here..

Ok, I am a Sabres fan, and think the NHL sans Buffalo is the most boring sport this side of soccer. And it is on some stupid fishing otlnavs channel that I couldn't find if I was lucky. Wait, oh we all agree on that? Well, still.. fuck the Penguins.

They are in the finals against another team I hate, the Red Wings. Both of these cities think they are better than Buffalo, they are both also pieces of shit, and are within a 3 hour drive. Nothing worse than Pittsburgh fans either. Whether it is football, hockey, something else, or even those dumb fuckin accents and their wanna be southern drawl/GOP mind set. Ahhh I hate it.

No really though, how did they get MAF, Malkin, and Crosby in consecutive drafts? Isn't it a lottery system in the NHL? This entire franchise is 100% luck. The Sabres build with trades and signing dudes no one really wanted, while the Penguins get star rookie after star rookie dropped in their fucking laps. This is bullshit and I hate the Penguins.

Furthermore, they are in the East in a year in which no one team was good. Ottawa was for a stretch before they realized they peaked too soon. Brodeur is past his prime, the Flyers over extended their ability, and the Rangers are a weird mix of elderly and over rated. Christ this is bullshit.

Anyone wanna tell me why the first three games are going up against Celtics Pistons too? Anyone? The only reason I got was of NBC... well they aren't even airing game one, which starts for some unknown reason at 8 pm.

I guess I didn't know what I had with the rumors of this squad jettising town and heading to Hamilton. Damn it, dude who owns Blackberry, why didn't you ball when you had the chance.

Red Wings 4 - 2 , yet another cup. PS Did they sell out the finals yet in "Hockeytown"?


  1. Stolen from another web site, can't remember where - Re: penguins getting #1, #2, and #1 pick "They did it the old-fashioned way, by sucking"

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