Saturday, May 10, 2008

Patriots conspiracy?

From Brad Riter's blog:

I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but how is it that both of these quotes are available at at the same time with nobody crying foul?

NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello: "The tapes are consistent with the findings of our prior investigation. There are no tapes of any opponent walk-throughs, no Super Bowl tapes, none of that. So, again, these are tapes of opponents' coaching signals. It's what we already knew and, as [ESPN] reported back in September, Belichick admitted to the commissioner [Roger Goodell] that he had engaged in this practice dating back to 2000."

John Clayton: " Though Goodell didn't reveal it until shortly before the Pro Bowl in February, Patriots coach Bill Belichick readily admitted to Goodell last September that he has been taping signals during games since 2000."

So Aiello says ESPN (or someone) reported it in September but Clayton, who would certainly toot his/ESPN's horn if he could claim to have had the info in September, says he found out in February?

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