Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back

I'm backkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry about the month hiatus. I had this test which I failed miserably but in any event, I am back and better than ever.

Lots of stuff has gone down since my last blog the draft and the release of the schedule. Oh yeah and baseball season starter. Yeah, this is all old news, but I want to give my opinion.

First, the schedule is a joke. We have nine games against Miami, NYJ, KC, Oakland, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Arizona. We also play Denver, the Seahawks opening day at home and the Browns at home on Monday night. Besides New England twice, maybe the Chargers who we play at home also (we almost beat them at home 2 years ago when they went 14-2) and at Jacksonville (who we were close with last year even though JP tried as hard as he could to blow it and eventually did), we will have a legitimate chance to win every game. If the Bills don't win 10 games and make the playoffs, Dick Jauron must lose his job (and I lose like three $20 bets on the Bills winning 10 games).

The draft day one couldn't have gone better except I wanted Rogers Chromartie. Getting Hardy in the 2nd round was huge. He is a beast at 6'6. He even flashes a gun once in a while. What super star wide receiver hasn't had off the field problems at least a little? Hardy in the red zone will be fun to watch. Hopefully he doesn't get hurt. Now we just need another receiver next year to replace Lee Evans.

Day two of the draft was a joke however. Worst day two since I can remember. What were we trying to do with our picks? Reggie Corner? A D end in round 3 when we have 75 million invested in D Ends and yeah WE NEED A TIGHT END. Did we address tight end? Yeah we picked up Brad Cieslak's clone in Derek Fine. What a joke. The only good pick day two was Steve Johnson in the 7th round. This dude might be the steal of the draft. Hardy and Johnson in '09? I like it. What about center? Does any one else remember Melvin Fowler getting blown up leading to a 5 yard loss on first and 10 from the 20 in Cleveland? I do. Also, does anyone realize that our depth at safety consists of John Wendling, Bryan Scott and George Wilson? It isn't out of the question that Bryan Scott starts at strong safety moving Whitner to free. After all, can we bank on KO?

Baseball season has started and in the AL, things are finally taking shape. Are the Rays for real? They just took 3 of 4 from the suddenly old looking Yankees. Wow do they need A Rod and Posada back and they need Hughes come back and find it. Mo and Joba (except vs. Cleveland) are dealing but other than them and Wang and the surprising Mussina, their pitching has struggled. Their offense too...not more than 2 runs in any of the 4 games vs. Tampa. Oh well, they are the Yankees and will probably some how find a way to win at least the wild card. The Red Sox are hitting .294 as a team and Man Ram is making web gems and high fiving dudes and doubling them up all on the same play. Back to the Rays-with Edwin Jackson, Scott Kazmir and James Shields dealing, they may have the best one through three in the division. They could be around for the long haul.

Thank god for the AL, the Indians offense has been anemic. The Indians starting pitching has been ridiculous. Cliff Lee, what can you say about this dude? A .67 ERA and only 4 walks in 53 2/3 innings. His whip is .67. Just ridiculous stuff. Hopefully it isn't an fluke. The rest of Cleveland's rotation hasn't been that far behind. Fausto Carmona has a 2.40 era and he still got ripped apart for an entire outing by David Cone when the Indians played the Yankees. Aaron Laffey has a 1.35 era in 26.2 innings. CC Sabathia, after his disastrous start, has allowed only 6 runs in his last 5 starts while striking out 43. Even Jake Westbrook had a 2.73 era before going on the DL. On their most recent 6 game home stand, Cleveland's starters allowed a combined 1 earned run. What happens when Westbrook comes back from the DL? Since Paul Byrd has seniority and is making tons of money, Aaron Laffey will probably go back down to Buffalo.

What's wrong with Detroit? Their bull pen sucks. Their pitching sucks. Their 5.05 ERA is dead last in the league. Their offense was supposed to be the best ever and they are middle of the pack. If this keeps up, they might finish dead last in the division come seasons end.

As for the NL? I don't know anything really except Brandon Webb is 9-0 and the Cubs and D Backs are balling. I also just heard Willie Randolph might get fired if the Mets suck this weekend vs the Yankees.


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