Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aint scared of the Aints

by Steve

I mean c'mon they are still the aints aren't they? Yeah Brees and co are on pace to kill every offensive record ever but who cares after only two weeks. They played the Lions who have lost now 19 straight and a Philly team lacking confidence with Kevin Kolb at QB. They are still the aints.

Last time the Bills played N.O. was in San Antonio in a game that was clearly fixed after the hurricane hit. McGee fell on like the 5 yard line after a sick kick off return. All the calls went New Orleans' way and the Bills lost. This time the game is in Buffalo, outside, perhaps in the rain, with 73k shouting for 3 hours.

The Bills need to control the ball, move down the field and put up points. It I guess is next to impossible to really stop their offense so they'll have to match points for points and make some plays in the secondary. With Bell out and Bush sucking, N.O.'s running game is basically non existent. Maybin needs to have a coming out party BIG TIME.

No Schouman for the rest of the year and Nelson being doubtful, young preseason stunna Stupar needs to step his game up and the other Derek, Fine that is, needs to get off the line and spread the field a bit. Owens can't have any big drops and I see Freddy having another big game.

The Aints are favored by 6 because of an early love affair but lets face it, there is no way this team is truly that great. Look for an "upset" Bills 33 Aints 30.

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