Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paul Harris invited to Utah Jazz camp

Per the Buffalo News Paul Harris has been invited to the Utah Jazz training camp.

by Steve

After opting not to return for a senior season at Syracuse, the Niagara Falls high school product has a look at the NBA after going undrafted in the two round draft this past June.

There were rumors Boheim and co. pushed Harris out the door after the Orange made the big dance in 2009. Who knows, maybe he was just sick of getting pwn'd every day by Jim on the sidelines. Regardless, if Harris truly commits him self it is tough to imagine PH not getting to play in the NBA within the next few years. His size and skill would make him a solid 7th man off the bench forward type battling for rebounds. Paul Millsap sans 4 inches and 20 lbs anyone? Plus Millsie plays for Utah.

Over the summer Harris played with ol' buddy Flynn in the NBA Summer League in Vegas with the 'sota T'wolves.

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