Saturday, September 5, 2009

UB defeats UTEP 23-17

.by Steve

Finally, a Buffalo born team wins a game. The University @ Buffalo, allegedly the jewel of the SUNY system, won as according to 12 point dawgs on the road @ UTEP. To say this is an upset is well scoring it well.

Sans Starks, sans Willy, Maynard and co. got it done. In perfect UB fassion it came down to the last few plays before the final score was determined. UTEP scored the potential game winning touchdown with about 16 seconds left when a flag was thrown for holding and for unsportsmanline conduct. The end result was a win in southwest Texas and five wins away from another bowl birth.

Clearly Mario Henry and Thermilus can handle the load. Granted, they aren't Starks, but they showed up tonight and thats all that matters at this point. UB stole a game, sorta, as 12 point dawgs on the road and are seemingly poised for the MAC.

Maynard didn't have a great game 12-19 159 yards and a TD but the team took advatage of field position, turnovers, and special teams to prevail in a tough environment, sorta. Either way UB is 1-0 and poised for at least another bowl birth. See you the 12th against PITT at home. Fuck the Big East

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