Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bills, UB, Owens

by Steve

Still pissed at the Bills, McKelvin, mostly Keith Ellison and having no internet at my crib is causing me to restrict my passion for the blog this week. And what the hell is with ESPN making a big deal about Terrell Owens comments about Edwards missing some plays down field.

  • Keith Ellison is the worst OLB starting in the NFL.
  • Leodis McKelvin can't fumble at that point I don't care what peter king says.
  • UB plays at Central Florida and is getting 4.5 this week. I'm staying away from the spread but this should be an interesting game for UB. They lost a tough one last week to Big East Pitt last week at home and are traveling all the way down to FLA for a borderline meaningless game. True it would be huge for a bowl birth but we'll see how the team reacts.
  • The Bills are getting 5ish at home vs the worst team in the league Sunday. Some say let down game but I say that doesn't exist for a Jauron coached squad. That is just about the only good thing this dude does is not allow the team to sulk and not show up after a brutal loss. I mean what other coach in the league has as much experience after a brutal prime time defeat than Dicko Jaurono?
  • Schobel has a back? After a good to great performance last week this better not hold him out Sunday. Chris Ellis?
  • Some dumb fuck at yahoo says Jackson is better than Lynch. (maybe it is only fantasy points? Either way stupid and not true)

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