Thursday, January 28, 2010

Buffalo Bills quarterback of the future

by Steve

I have been chirping about a list of quarterbacks that I would rather trade for or sign or steal from another team rather than actually waste a first round pick on one for a while. The list is well over due and so here it is. The players listed on this list may or may not be available, they may or may not be good in the National Football League. Either way I would rather have any of these dudes start for the Buffalo Bills in 2010 than Clausen, Bradford, Colt McCoy or Tebow (assuming they would cost a first round pick) Fuck 'em the Bills have greater needs, and building a defense is more important than any of those players @ #9.

Michael Vick
He has question marks big time, but he is available and has been a winner in the National Football League. A second would be a lot to give up.

Donovan McNabb
More preferable than Vick but would probably cost at least a second. He could play another three years in the league basically guaranteed, what QB in this draft could you say that about? That means he is worth a second round pick, period point blank.

Kevin Kolb
Gonna be twenty-six going into this coming season. Yes a third QB from the Eagles that is how dire the Bills situation is. Wouldn't give more than a 4th which may or may not have been what the 'phins gave up for "pistol offense" Tyler Thigpen. 6'3 218, sounds good enough.

Brian Brohm
Already on the team, for some reason only played a game, fuck you Perry Fewell. I'll let him compete in training camp.

Trent Edwards
Again already on the team, might be completely washed up and useless or a fresh set of eyes could see something Jaurono didn't see. The fans may not buy it so it probably won't fly but he is invited to my camp.

Brady Quinn
He might be available, isn't Derek Anderson, and has only played 14 games. The Browns fucked him over sorta like the Bills did with Losman. The Browns probably aren't done with him but Mangini is a retard so who knows.

Kyle Orton
Never loved him but never hated him. Should be interesting to see what the Broncos do with him. He is a free agent but probably doesn't have huge demand on the open market. He was a major part of the Cutler deal and should be retained but it is tough seeing anyone sink a lot of money into him.

Jason Campbell
To be honest I hated this dude for like four years. He has been on a bad team the last two years and might be coming into his own. Again it could be interesting to see what Shanny and co. think of this dude before he hits the open market. He could be cheap but he wants to get paid too, I wouldn't commit long term.

Honorable Mention
Troy Smith, probably too small.
Tyler Thigpen, Dolphins just traded for him.
Billy Volek, still under contract with SD and 33
Charlie Batch, isn't good
David Carr FA try out?
Tarvaris Jackson late bloomer?
Chris Redman ugh maybe the draft is the way to go, he's 32
Alex Smith still has anothe year on his rookie $$$$$ deal
Matt Hasselback, could he be cut, could he be finished, could he have a few more years left?
Pike or Lefevour in a later round ala the 3rd or 4th to sit for a while?


  1. This is retarded. McNabb and Lefevour and Pike are the only ones

  2. The Bills have bigger needs than QB? Kolb would cost a 1st rd pick. Pass on Clausen and Bradford if you want to pick 1 or 2 next year for Mallet or Locker.

  3. Why draft a QB if you're hoping that porcelin Pike or LeFeouver can sit for a while and then be a backup at best? Brian Brohm seems to be a good practice squad QB, same for Edwards. Maybe they'll peak and be an emergency QB some day.

  4. Pike or LeFevour in late 2nd or early 3rd round. Btw, Chaz Batch is a much more serviceable QB than some of the other scrubs you mentioned. Carr? Alex Smith The QB and not the TE? God help us!

  5. Alex Smith put up nice numbers this season. Look at the stats over 200 ydg, 1.5/1 td-int ratio. He's only 25 and SF finally has some offensive play-makers for the first time since Owens.

  6. Do people hate spread offense QB's only if they go to successful schools? Tony Pike was the 2nd best QB on his team. LeFeouver's numbers outside the MAC are average at best.

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  8. fuckin spam. we should see something in the senior bowl


  9. Ok...I might as well give my thoughts on this.

    1. Kevin Kolb is the best quarterback who we have even a chance (0.5% at best) of getting. He is young and has learned behind a veteran QB for a few years. Saying you would give a 2nd for McNabb and not more than a 4th for Kolb is just dumb.

    2. I agree on not drafting a quarterback at number 9. I don't think that would be a good move. The only guy that I would like there is Clausen only because he played in a pro style offense in college. Bradford will not be on the board and I wouldn't touch McCoy with a 10 foot pole. I would rather tank the season and draft Jake Locker in 2011 if there is no lock out. The problem is, the Bills need to make a splash to sell tickets after the disaster that was our coaching search.

    3. None of the current quarterbacks on our roster deserve to be anything more than a back up. Brian Brohn does not and will not have it. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the most inaccurate quarterback I have ever seen. Trent Edwards is the biggest head case ever. He actually had some potential and then he got Jauroned.

    4. Jason Campbell is a joke so is Orton and Quinn. These guys are not starting NFL players. Campbell is one of the worst QBs in the league. Brady Quinn got ruined by the Browns, like you said. Kyle Orton looks like JP Losman but sure as hell doesn't play as good as him.

    5. As far as the other guys you mentioned...give me a break. David Carr, Chuck Batch, Troy Smith, ugh. I feel sick.

    6. The wild card is Vick. He is a winner. I wouldn't hate it if we brought him in. Is he the long term answer? 99% says no, but for as pathetic as this team has been for so long, we might as well bring some one exciting in to play quarterback.

    7. unless we do something significant to give some people some hope, I am predicting zero black outs after November.


  10. I mean, zero sell outs after November.

  11. Problem is if the Bills don't make a splash they'll be looking for a new coach next season. Part of me thinks with hearing Gailey and Nix that they'll be moonshinin and listening to Larry the Cable Guy jokes most of the time.

    If the Bills make a play for Vick their worst nightmare is he gets hurt. He wasn't the most durable guy.

  12. Brodie Croyle is another tin-man and nothing special but he's at least as good as the piles on the list.

  13. 1, STFU coast

    2. no one has seen enough of brohm to throw him under the bus.

    3. there will be no lock out

    4.campbell has improved

    5. i have a sick feeling we're going to go after clausen


  14. The Green Bay Packers saw enough of Brohm to cut him.

  15. and they were pissed when we took them off their practice squad too

  16. Were they pissed the Bills took him of their practice squad or that they wasted a 2nd rd pick on Brohm?

    Brohm had no future in Green Bay and probably has no future in the NFL. Maybe he can develop into an emergency QB. Even with that said it would be with a dome team or a warm weather team.

    It's Clausen or Bradford in the draft or the Bills wait another year and go after Mallet or Locker.

    Some people can't get Locker's dick out of their mouth but Clausen out performed him.

  17. What am I missing on Locker? I know stats don't tell the whole story but his stats suck compared to the other QBs in this class. He didn't elevate UW in any way except for that one almost victory over BYU where he got that horrible taunting penalty. Please, Jake Locker is the future Ryan Leaf with probably a much better work ethic.

  18. 7th round pick Matt Flynn from LSU won the back up QB job over Brohm. Brohm is a bum and has no future as an NFL starter. If we hang our hat on Brian Brohm as our starter then God help us.


  19. Isn't Clausen a "career loser," so people don't want him? Yet his awful Notre Dame team beat Locker and his magical arm. Locker did beat an average USC team with their backup QB though.


    Good news for Bills fan. As long as Eric Wood is hurt that piece of shit won't be able to get Clausen hurt.

  21. hating on a rookie playing out of position? are you retarded or just pretending to be retarded please elaborate.


  22. A rookie playing out of position, do you mean playing in the NFL?

    Wood looked awful while playing. Can't criticize him though because he's young and sure to develop. Eric Wood was a center in college but was drafted to play guard for the Bills. You're statement that he was out of position holds no merit. Playing out of position would be moving him to WR.

    I'm sure that people who over analyze things will come up with a statement like "it's a big difference," or "teams are built from the line out." It's bullshit. Hartgartner was a bad signing, Levitre has arms shorter than Gary Colemans' and Wood just wasn't good.

    Maybe Wood comes back and pans out. Yet why should anybody have faith in what the Bills are doing? Is it hiring a guy they could've hired the day after Jauron was gone to be head coach? Or hiring "Boomhower" Nix to make "football decisions?"