Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buffalo Sabres road trip failure

by Steve

The goals were lofty from the beginning. Lindy Ruff wanted ten points, I personally would have settled for seven or eight. Instead they got six and three of the six points came from Atlanta and the Islanders out of the seven game road trip.

Losses with zero points to Anaheim, San Jose and Vancouver were only decided by five goals total but they got out worked in the third period in all three contests. They hung around every game sans the Sharks game true, but the final result is all that matters.

Ryan Miller played like Ryan Miller of 08/09 not 09/10 which is disconcerting since the team flat out doesn't score enough. Stafford had three points in the six games he played, none in the final three. Derek Roy had three points in the seven games and none in the final four. MacCarthur had a total of three points also. Aren't these some of our leading scorers?

The road trip proved this team is good not great and not really that close to great. Even with a really good Ryan Miller this team doesn't stack up against the best in the league. There will be a few good opportunities for the team to prove themselves against the East in the next week. Their next four games come against the Devils, Bruins, Senators and Penguins. The Sabres have to win three of their next four or multiple trades need to come down the pike shortly.

Western United States and Canada, thanks for the rude wake up.


  1. You people are such negative freaking idiots. Months go by; the Sabres are successful and not a post. As soon as they slip up a bit, there's all of the sudden a post talking about the fact that the Sabres suck. Not to mention the crap about "The Sabres season doesn't really begin until the Bills are finished." Here's a newsflash: The Bills haven't actually begun a season for the past ten years, if you want to look at it. Why you waste your time with them at the exclusion of writing anything about the Sabres is absolutely mindboggling.

  2. Ditto to what MJPalis said. The next time you have something remotely positive to say about the Sabres will be the first time. Like teams don't struggle certain times during the year. Hell, the Sabres briefly took over first place in the East because of New Jersey's struggles. Let's see if they can come back home and rebound before we write off the season.
    At least the Sabres aren't the biggest joke franchise of their league.

  3. No one was writing off the season. The Sabres are a good team, not a great team as Steve said. If Ryan Miller hasn't been playing out of his skull, this team would be fighting for an eight seed much less winning their division.


  4. In the East it's Pittsburgh and Washington then everybody else. Losing games to teams on the West Coast isn't that big of a deal. The Sabres just can't score goals. It's almost as if Tim Connolly isn't on the ice nothing is going to happen.