Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ol Silver Fox choked

by Steve

Ol' Silver Fox choked big time. I thought it was 2007 all over again, Brent Fever err Brad Flavor/ Bret Favre slingin picks and throwing them at the worst possible time. What happen to just giving it to Adrian Peterson and being done with it? I didn't even have money on the Vikes, actually I got backdoored but WTF Bret, just run for 8 yards and boom you're in the Super Bowl. Now we have to watch the god damn bullshit Aints in the Superbowl? Lets go Colts


  1. I think it was more Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian and Adrian Peterson's inability to hang onto the football that killed them.

    Berrian and Harvin's fumbles were KILLER.


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  3. stop putting your stupid stickers all over @ my bar.. really, on a painted wall? jackass

  4. Favre is the most overrated player in NFL history. The only QB i'd want less in the last two minutes of a game is Trent Edwards.