Monday, January 11, 2010

NFL Divisional Round lines

by Steve

Brutal wild card weekend for yours truly, going 1-3 but the Cards +2.5 and over 48 parlay was a huge W. Good chance I bounce back for the divisional round. I gotta start looking at Super Bowl odds soon as well. Three teams however are high on my hate list, Jets, Saints and Cowboys are still alive so it will be tough to not have blind hatred but here it goes.

Cardinals +7 @ Saints O/U 57

Cardinals have zero defense but quite possibly the most accurate QB of all time. They got pretty lucky to put out the W vs GB and might be happy to be there in New Orleans. The is the definite possibility of a one and done scenario for the Saints with their past history average coach and porous defense. My play is tease the cards and the over.

Ravens +6.5 @ Colts O/U 44

Ravens trounced the Cheatriots but the Colts are rested. An injured Tom Brady and overrated Pats team had more to do with the score than how good the Ravens are. Can't bet against Manning right now, Colts -6.5 lay the points.

Cowboys +2.5 @ Vikings O/U 46

Ol' silver fox have another run in him? How good is Tomy Romo and Gomer Phillips? If a gun was held to my head the Cowboys are the play here because they could win out right. Best bet is to take the over though.

Jets +7.5 @ Chargers O/U 42

Rex is a dogs name Ryan and the Sanchize aren't going to win back to back road playoff games this year, no way. They could keep it within 7 though especially if they can pressure Rivers and neutralize LDT. I like the Jets +7.5 but the over even more.

Super Bowl futures bet:

No team on the futures board is getting bigger super bowl odds than the New York Jets. A rookie quarterback who struggles mightily in the cold, a rookie coach and the loss of Kris Jenkins are the biggest reasons that the Jets are the main underdog for all the Super Bowl contenders…but that means that they get the biggest payout if they win. One of the main reasons they’re such big underdogs at +1400 is Mark Sanchez. No rookie quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl, let alone appeared in one.


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