Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buffalo Bills still pursuing Cowher


BUFFALO, NY - A source tells 2 On Your Side's Adam Benigni that the Buffalo Bills continue to pursue former Steelers Coach Bill Cowher to become the team's next head coach.

The revelation comes after reports that team management quietly met with Cowher last week. In recent days, speculation has grown that the Bills could potentially lure Cowher to Buffalo if owner Ralph Wilson makes Cowher a massive offer. writer Vic Carucci said, while it remains unlikely Cowher will land in Buffalo, it will not be for lack of effort by the Bills.

"I do know that the Bills have not let up in their pursuit and have tried very hard - and are trying very hard - to convince him to come to the Bills," Carucci said. "But based on everything I'm hearing, it's not necessarily [that] he sees [this] as something he wants to do."


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