Saturday, June 12, 2010

England 1 United States 1 F

by Steve

Classic soccer errr futball match. Two goals, pretty boring, no winner. The USA got the luckiest goal in the history of the World Cup and will take a draw. They were +435 or so.

England scored in the first four minutes and everyone thought it was over. England then seemed to sit back and relax. Then disaster struck when the luckiest goal in the world bounced off England's goalie's hands and a routine save turned into that dudes nightmare. Robert Green's family better be in hiding in an attic some where. He might not make it back to his hotel alive.

The goal seemed to stun England and the rest of the game was pretty much even. Nothing happened in the last 15 minutes or so. USA plays again the 18th at 10 am v Slovenia and the 23rd at 10am against Algeria.


  1. 1-1 Like hockey only on grass and with skill!

  2. is this still a blog janis? are you alive?