Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA wins advances in World Cup

by Steve

Wild game, 0-0 after regulation. USA had a goal disallowed in the first half and dominated the second half. Then finally in extra time the only player most Americans ever heard of, Landon Donovan, scores off a rebound in the box.

We deserved to win this one seemingly from the beginning. Break after break went the Algerian's way the final 45 minutes or so. Then finally a goal after 92+ minutes of play.

A tie in this one would have meant we go home. Instead, we win our group and advance. What a goal, what a game.


  1. FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE... never in a million years did I think I would like soccer/find it exciting. Big shout out to WC '10 for making me give a shit about this sport.

  2. best moment in american sports since i have been alive

  3. usa scoring in the 3rd to tie canada was way better

  4. Soccer is higher up on the sports echelon than hockey. Only thing that hurts this is game was 10 am on a tuesday rather than 2 pm on a sunday.