Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bills 27 Jaguars 20

by Steve

Holy smokes that was an ugly game.  One of the few teams in the NFL that is worse than the Buffalo Bills is, quite clearly, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  That game was heinous.

The defense seemed to play pretty alright but they gave up a ton of rushing yards (109) to someone named Jordan Todman.  They gave up 20 points to a Chad Henne quarterbacked team. Butttt, they did cause a couple of timely fumbles, had two timely interceptions and tallied five sacks.  They just don't have any good linebackers and can't stop anyone on long 3rd down plays.

On the offensive side of the ball, aka Erik James Manuel, it was a mixed bag just like the entire game for the entire team.  He had some awful throws and inaccuracies (one INT one fumble lost) but had some nice throws and succeeded in the red zone.  "EJ" had a QB rating of 105 but had classic (recent) Bills QB stats 17/24 193 yards 2 TDs 1 INT (and a rushing TD).  At times he was awful, at times he was better than competent.

The game didn't do anything to assuage my dislike/lack of faith of Doug "Morrone".  The play calling was mundane, uninspiring and bad.  They ran the ball well, they didn't get CJ the ball in space, still no wheel routes or trick plays and the team didn't try to end the game, they chose to put the ball back in Henne's hands (which may actually be a good idea) at the end.  The team didn't play like a well coached team.  For christ sake they almost lost to the Jaguars.

If Russ Brandon and co. were serious when they said that Morrone was their first choice over someone like Chip Kelly or any other guy out there I strongly question their judgement.  This team is bad and not getting any better.  They have a severe lack of playmakers on offense and the defense has the same leaks they always have.

The future isn't any brighter today than it was in July. 'nough said.

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