Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bills Playoff Hopes Are ALIVE!


As the many thousands of you have heard (or will hear) on this week's podcast, I am not giving up hope on the playoffs. Utilizing the ESPN NFL playoff machine (maybe the only great thing the 4 letter network has produced besides Grantland in the past 15 years) I picked every game over the next three weeks, being very realistic, and if the Bills win their next three (I know, I know...) they COULD be in 6th heading into Foxboro. He is how:

Currently it is looking very bleak, obviously, sitting at 4-8 and behind a whole mess of teams. Here are the important games and my picks, beginning in week 14:

Browns at Patriots: Patriots
Raiders at Jets: Raiders (come on, is there a worst team in the league than the NY-A right now?)
Dolphins at Steelers: Steelers
Bills at Bucs: Bills
Vikings at Ravens: Ravens
Titans at Broncos: Broncos
Giants at Chargers: Giants (this is a dicey one, I know, but the Chargers suck)

After week 14, the Bills would be 5-8, 2 games behind the Ravens who hold 6th place at 7-6. Miami and Pittsburgh sit at 6-7. Also at 5-8 are the Jets, Raiders, Chargers and Titans.

Week 15:

Chargers at Broncos: Broncos
Patriots at Dolphins: Dolphins (because New England struggles in Miami)
Bills at Jags: Bills
Chiefs at Raiders: Raiders
Jets at Panthers: Panthers
Arizona at Tennessee: Tennessee
Bengals at Steelers: Bengals (this could end up being a huge game when it is all said and done)
Ravens at Lions: Lions (this is another game that is a must loss for Baltimore)

After week 15, the Ravens still sit in 6th at 7-7 with the Dolphins also at 7-7 (who lost to Baltimore). The Bills, Raiders, Steelers and Titans all sit at 6-8 just one game back.

Week 16:

Dolphins at Bills: Bills
Titans at Jags: Jags (this is a HUGE game also...Jags are playing better, and, well, Fitz plays QB for Tennessee)
Steelers at Packers: Steelers...although if Rodgers is back this could swing and a Packer win would be huge for the Bills
Patriots at Ravens: Patriots...obviously, this is a must lose for Baltimore...but by the way New England has destroyed us over the past 13 years they will probably lose to Baltimore to eliminate us and then beat us by 35 week 17.

After week 16, if all of the above happens, the Buffalo Bills will be in 6th place at 7-8. Miami, Baltimore and Pittsburgh will also be 7-8, but with tiebreakers the Bills will be in 6th and controlling their own destiny.

Hey, you never know...

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