Monday, December 9, 2013

Bucs 27 Bills 6

By steve

Was Sunday a dream where I traveled back in time and was forced to watch every single December Bills game of the last 13 years? Seriously what the fuck was that?

The team wasn't ready to play. They did diddly poo offensively and were down by two touchdowns before I cracked my first beer! Not only was the team awful in every aspect of the game but it showed Doug Marrone is a bad coach and EJ Manuel is probably a bust.

When a team comes out that horribly and clearly did not shake off the devastating loss from the week before that is a clear reflection on Doug Marrone's coaching "abilities". They are quite obviously the same old Bills. NOTHING has changed. It could be 2002, 2008 or 2013 there are no differences.

Anyone that isn't questioning the GM, coach and the quarterback at this point is either not paying attention or in denial. Who would have thought they would sit down and watch one of the worst performances by a Bills team during this 14 year streak? Its just incredible.

Nate Hacket is a bum. He is not qualified to be an offensive coordinator. He really cant get the ball in Spillers hands in space? Maybe he should watch Shane Vereen and the fuckin Patriots. Can I get a wheel routen split him out wide vs a linebacker or a trick play? This isnt rocket science.

And what about the defense? Are they required to give up a long rushing td every week now? Ha so much for Mike Pettine getting head coaching offers, wtf?

This team is in turmoil. The players dont know how to win the coach doesn't know how to prepare and the front office looks as buffonish and inept as ever.

4-9 folks four and nine.

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