Friday, December 27, 2013

EJ Manuel, a Bust

by Steve

After the announcement this afternoon (as I predicted) that Erik "EJ" Manuel would not be starting Sunday's finale against the Cheatriots, it is time to call a spade a spade, Erik is a bust.  Yes, the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL draft, after one "season" is on my bust list.


Well, let's see.  He got hurt three times in four+ months, all knee injuries, his QBR is 42.3 and his QB rating is 77.7 he failed to win one game on the road and got out played by fellow rookies two out of three times.  He had merely one more touchdown than turnovers this season and finished a whole nine out of sixteen football games.  He is soft, injury prone and couldn't afford to miss so much time as an overdrafted quarterback with limited skills.

His down field passing has been horrendous, he is tentative, has seemingly regressed since the beginning of the season and at best finishes the season with an INCOMPLETE as his grade. On a team that hasn't made the playoffs since it was still cool to name your son Osama, in a league where rookies aren't paid nearly as much as they used to be and in a league where a QB can be found anywhere, Erik is already a bust.

The Bills need to draft another quarterback next year.  They are desperate for a franchise quarterback.  Drafting someone new next year may seem like last year was a failure but that's only because it was. Buffalo is already a laughing stock with zero positive press and non-existent on the national stage.  Who cares what critics will say, they weren't saying anything positive any way.

Before this announcement I wasn't down on Erik as much as say coast. But I was never high on him even when he was draft.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I needed to (again because the Bills are pathetic and desperate).  But playing barely 50% of the season, having three significant knee injuries AND not playing all that well?  The benefit of the doubt is gone.

Not only wouldn't I be opposed to drafting a quarterback in the first round, now I am demanding it. Why the hell not?  Unless there is absolutely no one there at 12 or where ever the Bills will pick and see someone falling to them in the second round.

Finally, after fourteen years, I say enough is enough. (ha) Start stock piling young QB talent.  That means no Jeff Tuel next year, that means no Thaddy "Daddy" Lewis next year, that means no Erik is the starter bullshit, bring in a few new guys (Keith Price?) and let's go.

Obviously, the best case scenario is I regret this embarrassing post in two years when Erik is balling in Foxboro but as of right now that idea seems insane at best.



  1. He won on the road in Jaxson De Ville's house

    -Jim Furyk

  2. Yeah, bad ideas. Bust or franchise QB, we stick with EJ one more season and build around him. No QB in this years draft is worth overlooking our OL needs, TE/WR needs, or run stopping needs. In other words, first thing is first. You're delusional if you think we grab a QB first round.