Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Let's see where the Bills rank after that pitiful L versus the FailClowns:

ESPN 24:
No movement for this turd burger of a team:
"C.J. Spiller had 131 total rushing yards before contact Sunday, the fourth-highest total by a running back this season. Spiller's 140 yards between the tackles was a season high."

CBS 30:
Prisco pulling no punches, the Bills drop five spots
"They might want to work on fumbling drills. How does that happen against Atlanta?"

WalterFootball 24:
Walt wins the day yet again with some poignant commentary:
"I have no idea how the Bills blew that game. They should have beaten Atlanta. But hey, at least Ralph Wilson profited off another game in Toronto.

Can we all vote that having a team play its home games in Canada is a stupid idea? The Bills are now 1-4 in Toronto, and some a**hole in the stands kept blowing an annoying horn throughout the first half. Hopefully the Canadian authorities found that douche and took all of his vanilla pudding away."

PFT 24:
Rob Ford blast and no change:
"In defense of Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler, Mayor Rob Ford was spotted with some of the game balls after devouring a basket of greasy chicken wings."

Yahoo! Sports 22:
 The Bills are moved up two spots after a loss, nice.
"That’s what happens when you sell out your home-field advantage for Toronto games. They probably beat the Falcons on Sunday if the game was at Buffalo and not on a neutral field."

Fox Sports 25:
One spot drop:
"The Bills had their second-highest point total of the season but had back-to-back fumbles that cost them the game."

Little or no movement this week with one site moving the Bills up and the rest leaving them the same or dropping a spot or two.  This might be the last week of these rankings cause the Bills blow.

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