Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Doug Whaley Sticking With Manuel?

By Steve

Per the Buffalo News http://bills.buffalonews.com/2015/01/06/bills-interview-least-4-coach-candidates-end-week/ Doug Whaley is throwing his full support behind his first round pick from just 2 years ago (2013 16th overall pick) QB EJ Manuel..

"league source says that Bills General Manager Doug Whaley, who is leading the search process for club owners Terry and Kim Pegula, has spoken in glowing terms to candidates about quarterback EJ Manuel. The source said that Whaley is making it clear he wants the new coach to make the progress in developing Manuel, the Bills' first-round draft pick in 2013, that former coach Doug Marrone and his staff never made."

This tidbit isnt shocking at all considering it was basically Whaley's first big move as an executive in the NFL. (Sorry i dont only blame Bud Nix for the pick)

Why throw out Manuel now considering there is no other QB on the roster? He has only played 13 odd games and the Bills have no first round pick this year. 

Do I want Erik annointed some kind of savior or clear cut front runner for the starting job? Of course not. Sign and or trade for someone AND draft another quarterback obviously. But I'm not done with EJ yet and its interesting to hear Whaley (now free of asshat-Manuel-hater Marrone) still pimping his supposed bust of a first round QB.

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