Monday, January 12, 2015

REACTION: Bills Hire Rex Ryan

By Steve

So the Bills hired a real head coach for a change? Rare, albeit Rex Ryan does have a career losing record in the division and overall as a head coach. He has playoff wins and is a defensive genius but is that what the Bills need?

Here is what I said before the hire (I ranked him 4th) " 4. Rex Ryan

He seems highly unlikely to accept the job since it is just another NYJ with out as much media but Rex is a good head coach.  True he has never developed a QB and his offenses have been abysmal.  BUT he seems to be linked with Trestman which could assuage some offense concerns.  Oh and he has won a playoff game at New England!"

He never developed a QB in New York after drafting one in the top 10 in the draft and again in the 2nd round. So why anyone would ever think he will fix EJ Manuel or the offense overall makes no sense to me.

He is bringing in Roman from SF as the OC. The words ground and pound or running game sorta make me sick. No one wins in the NFL as a running oriented offense. It is an antiquated losing mentality.

Rex never was good at in game coaching with new age thinking, time outs, clock management etc.  It seems like an exact clone of the old loser that just quit.

Rex wasn't my top choice but he brings some credibility to the organization, he was a big name option and he's famous. But all the talk of him being a players coach and players LOVE to play with him who gives a shit? What free agents did the Jets ever sign while he was there? Did any player ever go to play for Rex besides a washed up LB or S?

Im not overly optimistic. It probably comes down to getting a quarterback as anyone with a brain knows but there are offensive minded people out there that could have brought innovation and a different view to the party. And I know for a fact that is not Rex Ryan.

Our only prayer is to stumble onto Russ Wilson ii. Shit.

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