Friday, January 9, 2015

Ranking the Bills Coaching Candidates

by Steve

The Bills are scheduled to interview two more candidates this weekend and are going to then wait until after the divisional round of the playoffs before making another move per the AP. This weekends interviews are with lame duck Greg Roman (who was the OC for a terrible (offensively) 49ers team and Lions DC Teryl Austin (a fellow Pitt alum of Doug Whaley). Whatever.  So let's rank the candidates thus far that have interviewed:

1. Darrell Bevell

This guy is my top choice.  The OC of the Seahawks, he has overseen an offense that has allowed (previously) unheralded Russ Wilson not only thrive but become one of the best QBs in the league.  Could he do the same for Manuel or another young QB out there somewhere?  He's never been a head coach but he's been with Seattle for four seasons and is still youngish at 45.  Will the Bills wait until Feb to hire this dude?

2. Hue Jackson

A surprising rank yes, but Hue Jackson has grown on me.  He is under 50, he's been a head coach (8-8 for a lone season in Oakland) and he is an offensive minded guy.  Maybe it is a sign of how uninspiring a lot of these candidates are or I'm getting soft.

3.  Mike Shanahan

Again a weak pool of candidates.  But the guy developed an offense where Bob Griffin thrived (even if he drove him into the ground and destroyed his career [then again would we have wanted our QB to sit out in a playoff game if even seemingly could still play?]).  he is old and too tan and only really won with Elway but he brings credibility and rings.  I wouldn't hate if his son came along too considering he is getting HC interviews too.

4. Rex Ryan

He seems highly unlikely to accept the job since it is just another NYJ with out as much media but Rex is a good head coach.  True he has never developed a QB and his offenses have been abysmal.  BUT he seems to be linked with Trestman which could assuage some offense concerns.  Oh and he has won a playoff game at New England!

5. Adam Gase

Young guy, offensive guy, had Peyton Manning.  Five might actually be too high for this guy but I'll buy into the hype why not. He's "the hot coordinator" or at least he was last year and that probably is about a 50/50 success rate. Plus he doesnt have the stink of previous failure on him from old regimes.

Everyone else? Meh at best

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