Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Win Totals: American League

By Steve

American League over under total wins


New York Yanks 82.5
Tough to take the under here so i wont. Tanaka ftw

Boston R Sox 86
Under, Han-ram is no man-ram

Tampa Rays 78.5
Line makes no sense. Under under under

Baltimore Orioles 87.5
Under but barely

Toronto BJs 83
Over, leggo!

CHI Sox 82.5
I want to buy in but this division is tough. 81-81 aka under

Cleveland Indians 85
Over, Tito is a great manager

Kansas City Royals 80.5
No respect. Over

Detroit Tigers 84.5
Over seems obvious, but who cares. Over

Minnesota twins 72.5
Dont want to over react because of the Santana suspension but they're toast. Under

LA Angels 92.5
Under. They need a new manager

Houston Astros 76
Over, .500 is a possibility but tough division.

Oakland A's 82
Billy Beane is overrated but he's still better than most. Under.

Seattle Mariners 87.5
Show me first. Under

Texas Rangers 75.5
Under. Who is their manager? Or their ace?

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