Thursday, April 30, 2015

Predictions for the 2015 NFL Draft

By Steve

Luckily I don't mind being wrong because I never am so here are some predictions for the 2015 draft:

The Jets (god I hope it is the Browns because that would make my year) will trade up for Marcus Mariota. Mariota could be good in the NFL but not in New York or Cleveland and not in year one or even year two. QBs dont get enough time to develop and coming out of college playing a  spead, zero read offense is not a recipe for success.

Some team will make a big play for Kevin White. As a one year wonder out of WVU and a physical freak some team will do something stupid ala the Rams two years ago. When a player blows up the combine and only has one year of production the whiff of bust becomes a stench.

Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon will be grossly overrated i.e. drafted in the top 20. What a disaster. Gurley is really good but he isn't healthy and there are a bunch of runningbacks behind them that are good.

The quick receiver Breshad Perriman will be over drafted and be a bust

Amari Cooper is the best player in this draft.

Chip Kelly will be praised regardless of what he does, be it trading for Mariota or not trading up and mortgaging the future. (Must be nice)

Only two quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round. Not exactly going out on a limb but last year Minny did slide in late day 1 to take Ted Bridgewater.

Now on to the Bills. The six seasons Rex Ryan was the head coach of the Jets they drafted defense in the first round 6 times. Six times!
2009 Sanchez
2010 CB Kyle Wilson
2011 DE Muhammad Wilkerson
2012 DE Quinton Coples
2013 CB Dee Miliner AND DT Sheldon Richardson
2014 S Calvin Pryor

Wowww lotta defense. If that pattern holds, and I assume it will because there is zero chance Rex Ryan doesn't have input into the draft, the Bills are going defense at 50. And since I'm not a hypocrete and love drafting defense.. consider me on board!

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