Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What The Bills Should Do in the Draft

By Steve

The Bills have six draft picks in the 2015 draft 50 (2nd) 81 (3rd) 155 (5th) 188 196 (6th) 234 (7th). So basically no picks Thursday, two on Friday and four on Saturday. No wonder there is no buzzzz.

Here is what the Bills shouldnt do

Here are the Bills needs as I rank them:

1. QB
3. S
4. LB
5. WR
6. TE

I go mostly offense because I am assuming the genius, Rex Ryan, can find fill-in OLBs and and defensive lineman any where. Right?

There is no quarterback worth reaching for at fifty so QB is out. Thus, the next best option is o-line. I dont specifically say guard on purpose. A versatile tackle would be the best option. Find a guy that could play both positions especialy if Cyress Kounijo has to move to guard or the current tackles have to shuffle around. (Not to mention there are only 3 OTs on the roster).

I'm not a scout so no names will be provided but there will certainly be an o-lineman worth taking. If not, then the second best option would be a defensive back.  Go with either a corner or a safety (think Aaron Williams) that, again, is versatile. (Also this is assuming that Shane Ray didn't fall into our laps)

Third round a quarterback isn't a horrendous idea if you could picture him starting in the league in 2-3 years. Maybe Hundley or Petty (if he surprisingly falls) could fit the bill.

If no QB then( according to Manos) Whaley and co. gotta try to find a starter. Basically flip whatever position wasn't filled from the previous round.

The rest of the draft go BPA except a quarterback unless you don't think he could make the practice squad (or there is no chance Manuel is traded or Cassel cut). This is obviously because Manuel has a ton of dead cap money if he is cut, Tyrod Taylor's contract is basically gauranteed and Cassel is the only true vet on the team and can't really be cut unless someone else looks greats in camp (which is unlikely).

Oh yeah and of course the best option of all is to trade back or trade out and accumulate picks for next year. But that doesn't seem to be Whaley's style. I'm not expecting a lot.

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