Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bobby Hurley Will be a Failure at ASU

By Steve

First of all Bobby Hurley is a piece of shit. I will take great joy in watching that loyalless money chasing loser fail miserably at Arizona St. No connection to players, didn't recruit jack shit at UB and he thinks he's ready to do anything in the Pac12? Lol.

Two years as a head coach with the state university of New York at Buffalo and he thinks he can compete with the likes of Sean Miller at Arizona or Steve Alford and UCLA? What a fuckin joke.

The guy barely wins the MAC and completely chokes in his only NCAA tournament appareance and packs his bag for a few extra bucks out west? What a loser.

The guy played UB from the start. Two seasons? He was a fuckin assistant at Rhode Island 23 months ago and he thinks his name recognition is enough to compete in one of the best conferences in basketball? He didn't give a shit about his players, the program or this area.

I never expected Hurley to stay long term especially if he had success. But 2 seasons and a 12 seed one and done in the tourney? What a fuckin joke.

Maybe AD Danny White deserves blame for saying they agreed to an extension a few weeks ago but christ. Hurley had the chance to build something in Buffalo. Is four or even three seasons too much to ask? Wasn't one of lil Bobby's positive traits loyalty? Apparently fuckin not. Carpet bagger wanna be.

Your welcome for the opportunity hope you have fun battling for a CIT bid next year and fired like every other loser ASU coach in 3 years. Fuck off.

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