Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Most Important Buffalo Bills Heading to Camp

By Steve

Training camp is upon us. Since everyone is writing the same previews instead I'll run down a list of the most important players on the Bills heading in to camp. Since all the QBs suck and have little chance of being anything other than mediocre none are included. We know the quarterback position is the most important and would always be #1 on any list any way.

10. Dan Carpenter

This is mostly a joke because Kid Rock's cousin is just a place kicker but in this offense field goals will be the most likely outcome of each drive. DC is pretty good and needs to keep kickin'

9. Aaron Williams

The Bills determined A-will was their man over Byrd and Da'Norris and paid him. The safety position is one of the more underrated positions in the league. Everyone is passing every play and tight ends are as involved as ever. Williams needs a strong season and to lead the secondary.

8. Cyrus Kouandijo

This guy is teetering on the edge of bust like no other. He has bad knees at 23 and provided literally nothing in his rookie year. If this guy cant anchor the right side of the o-line or even get on the field he'll be an historically bad draft pick. Important position, highly drafted player, no depth behind him and has done nothing, put up or peace out.

7. Sammy Watkins

Yes he is probably more important than number seven but he is completely dependent on TJ Mansselrod getting him the ball. He'll never live up to my expectations because no WR with no QB is worth 2 firsts but nevertheless he needs to be a stud.

6. Eric Wood

One of the more overrated players on the team but he looks like a goofball and is friendly. There is literally (err figuretively) no depth behind this guy and the interior of the offensive line is horrendous. Wood needs to live up to the contract he got and solidify the o-line especially with the run first mentality Roman and co have.

5. Marcell Dareus

I used to call this guy a bust which just proves that even genius can be wrong from time to time. Big daddy is the center piece of this defense. He's finna get paid and needs to keep his nose clean. A one game suspension was a relief but even that will hurt. Do the Bills extend him now or keep him motivated to play for that new contract?

4. Charles Clay

Wait the Bills paid this guy what? 5 years $38 million? 14 career CAREER tuds? Three last year? This guy better step up and be the focal point of this offense. He better be extra motivated to play against Miami and be really good. The Bills havent had a good TE in 20 years. Sorry bud you now have the heavy weight of expectations.

3. Stephone Gilmore

Number 1 cornerback, high draft pick, looking for a new contract for big $$, Gilly needs to be a stand out this year. I was harsh on him last year but he started to come around. Time to do the near impossible and prove me wrong. Not to metion CBs are now one of the most important positions.

2. Mario Williams

Pass rushing beast who makes the most money by far on this roater. Mario hasnt EVER been to the playoffs, not once! Has he played to his contract? No, but you wont find me complaining. The Bills had to over pay the best FA available and he has played really well. So well in fact that no one even bitches about him any more. This city loves to bash high priced players and if M Dubs isnt getting killed any more he most be worth the casheee.

1. Lesean Mccoy

How pathetic is this list that a runningback is number 1 most important player? The 2015 Buffalo Bills ladies and gents! The Bills paid a runningback huge money at a time when few (err no) good teams are paying RBs. They traded a fan favorite young LB just for the rights to a guy that loathed the idea of being traded here. Not to mention the guy is 28 with a ton of mileage. But Shady is still good, real good, but he has to be great. The team needs to run the ball well and it all comes down to Shady.

Percy Harvin
Cordy Glenn
Jerome Felton (lol jk)
Ronald Darby
Chris Hogan (lol jk)

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