Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Deflate gate has worn me out. Didnt think that was possible! If this goes to a judge and gets delayed into the season i might have a stroke. In the long run if there is an injunction and the suspension is held over the Cheatriots heads all season that would be better than Brady coming back in week 5 and killing everyone. Then again I'd much rather he not play at the Ralph week 2.

God I hate the Patriots.

But not as much as I hate the Bills quarterback situation and Russ Brandon. Has anyone fallen forward in success more than Russ Brandon? He has had a hand in every hire for at least the last decade. He was the GM for a year. Holy shit the guy is a failing loser who knows nothing about football. Wowwee he can sell tickets to gullable bums like me and sell off 10% of our season to Toronto henchman. Fuck Russ Brandon.

God damn the Mets are a joke. They are soooo cheap, make no moves and even when they do they mess those up. Thanks Mets, you fit right in with the Sabres and Bills. Fml.

It sucks that Bills training camp is in East Rochester. 85 minutes away, no parking, not enough space for night practices and awkward set up. I surprisingly would like to attend but all that effort for a night practice isnt worth it. Gotta drive there, no beer, find a ticket, sit on a bus to get there after parking. Geez.

No Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio is a disaster. True they dont have a permanent replacement yet but that puts a dent in my motivation to go to work. Where was he wrong in stating that poor hispanic countries have bad education systems. Or was he describing Buffalo"s schools? Granted that wasnt why hes gone permanently but still, shorts me a week.

Now on to the weekly QB bitching. Some Vegas website actually had EJ Manuel as the favorite to start. Thats surprising. Tyrod Taylor would still be the ideal selection but all these fuckboys are losers. The idea that these 3 wont tank the season seems very remote. We'll see. Training camp is finally here. Christ

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