Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By steve

Either Lesean Mccoy is really stupid or he just doesnt give a fuck but I love it. Posting secret party invites on twitter and instagram and using Bills logos? Haha. Females only! 21+! Sign this confidentiality agreement! What a boss. But of course the party was in Philly and not Buffalo. Psht.

Is Matt Sims gonna get a real chance to start in this "four way competition". The boys at fandemosports were reporting EJ Manuel has zero chance at aeeing the field, the offensive line is full of dumbos that cant run Greg Roman's offense (even though camp hasnt even started yet) and Matt Cassel is gauranteed to be the starter.

If Manuel is #3 on the depth chart he has to be traded. Cutting him is useless and having him third on the depth chart is useless. Will someone give up a conditional 7th with his $5 mil plus gauranteed contract?

Since I havent followed the NHL the last two years because the Sabres have been horrendous I forgot the divisions changed. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4 DIVISIONS WITH LOPSIDED NUMBERS OF TEAMS?? Huh? Gary Bettman is an asshat.

Wait Im not done with the NHL. Besides there being no entertainment or goals in the regular season the dumbest thing about this league now is they are trying to expand? EXPAND? To another desert city? 32 teams? Do dumb.

Why the hell did Nebraska leave the Big XII for the Big 10?

Why the hell does the BIG XII still have only ten teams? It doesnt make sense on two levels.

Nick Saban would fail in the NFL. If anything he will burn out at Alabama and move to the Pac12.

Speaking of the Pac12 why isn't this league hiring better coaches? Is the Big 10 usurping the PAC12 as a football conference?

I dont want an 8 team college football playoff. Four is plenty.

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