Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Well, now that we are an official source for news does that mean I have to take this blog more seriously? Nah fuck it. Bitchin about sports on  a Thursday:

- $10 to watch the Sabres rookies and UDFAs practice Friday night? Either this city is pathetic and an embarrassment or they are reallllllyyy bored. Oh its both. Paying to watch a scrimmage??!?

- Thank you to Ronald Darby for making us a little bit famous for a few minutes earlier this week. I had the foresight to realize @realRonaldDarby was having a mini meltdown on twitter and saved his tweets. They were published here and some how profootballtalk found our site and used us as a source for a post. Holla!

- Did anyone talk about the Womens World cup even a day after the game? It being a blow out made the game useless to watch and useless to care about. Scoring 5 goals is like scoring 150 points in an NFL game. Thanks for playing I wont see you in four years.

- How dumb are NFL players that three fingers were lost last weekend? If I am worth millions of dollars I'm not lighting dynomite on fire in my hands. Jeez, now Im even scared to blow shit up now. Who would have thought I would have learned something from the NFL.

-Didn't Wimbledon used to end on the 4th of July weekend? Seems stupid to have it the next weekend now.

- What are the odds Mark Cuban literally kills someone from the Clippers organization? If Im Steve Balmer Im nervous. But Deandre Jordan isn't even that good! Centers are as useless as ever and the guy isnt all that great any way. Granted it was a bullshit move to renig on a hand shake deal but it isnt the end of the world.

- oh yeah and WGR550 still sucks.

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