Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UHOH Ronald Darby is making twitter news

By Steve

Uhoh, it appears the Bills first selecion in the 2015 NFL Draft CB Ronald Darby is making news today on twitter. Finally, someone is aticking up for the man when a guy first gets hit by a girl then he punches her lights out.


Here are his tweets defending his former roommate and former FSU QB De'Andre Johnson who just got booted from the tram after a brutal video of him emerged showing him punch a chick at the bar:


"What I want to know is whats happening to the girl that clearly hit De'andre first? It's never right to hit a girl at all"
" But they have to get some kind of consequence as well . Yall can't keep letting females provoke guys in all ways then walk free. Like ?"

" @sioux_bills im speaking the truth I said nothing wrong #advice . That's what's wrong now . Not enough talking. Kid career could be done ."

" @BigSwerve5150 yes he grabbed her to not get hit. You can see he fist balled up to hit him but it's still wrong on his behalf but it's idk"

" @g_miller_ yea that's true I just hate to see stuff like that at the end of the day . He worked his life to get where he at .But lord bless"

" People saying its a bad tweet for saying something should be done both ways ? I'm confused . If that was tall kid or loved one then what"

I dont have a problem with it what he's saying, but in a slow NFL news month this wont end well for Mr Darby. But who wouldn't feel compelled to defend a friend and teammate (albeit he beats up chicks who step to him).

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