Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Over Under Wins and Predictions

By Steve

Lets get these predictions written down. Here are predictions for the upcoming 2015 NFL season, Bills outlook and over unders for every team

Arizona Cardinals 8.5 -110
This team will win nine games. They won 11 with the likes of Lyndley and Logan Thomas last year. Over

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 -110
Granted that moron Mike Smith is gone but this team is still good. Under.

Baltimore Ravens 9.5 +105
Tough call in a good division but ten plus wins is less likely than nine or less. Under

Buffalo Bills 8.5 +110
This is an eight win team with major questionmarks at quarterback and coach. Under

Carolina Panthers 8 +110
The quarterback is good but the offensive weapons are the worst in the history of football at any level. Push

Chicago Bears 6.5 +120
This team is supposed to be a dumpster fire because everyone hates Jay Cutler. This division is tough, gotta go under reluctantly.

Cleveland Browns 6.5 +135
Who is worse, Mccown or Hoyer? Does it matter? 7 wins isnt impossible. Over

Green Bay Packers 11 -120

Houston Texans 8.5 -120
Brian Hoyer? Lol. Under

Indianapolis Colts 10.5  -210
The payout is horrid but the division is worse. 11+ wins seems like a lock. Over

Jacksonville Jaguars  5.5 -125
This team has to be good some day but hiring Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett is not a recipe for success. Under

Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 -160
This team is a bore. Under just to get value.

Miami Dolphins 9 -155
The constant love affair with this franuise before every season is puzzling. Mind numbing really. Philbin is a loser Dick Jauron clone. Under

NY Jets 7.5 even
I heard Todd Bowles speak and his voice does not impress. Oh and Ryan Fitzpatrick lmao. Under

Seahawks 11 -125
Not likely to go over in that division but 12 seems reasonable. Push

Rams 7.5 -120
Hey I liked Nick Foles at Arizona but I never loved him. This team is as interesting as the Bills except their fans don't care cause they're moving. Under

Redskins 6.5 +170
What no love for Kirk Cousins? Ha what an organization. Under

Lions 8.5 -105
This team is pathetic. They were so close but their coach pathetic. House of cards falls. Under

Saints 8.5 -135
Odd line but the division is horrid. Under

Chargers 8.5 -110
They always win 9, no? Over

Bengals 8.5 -120
Win enough to never win anything. Wait what? I thought they needed a new coach 10 years ago. Over

Broncos 10.5 -115
Last year for Peyton Commercial.. over

Buccaneers 6 -125
Lovie Smith sucks and Jameis couldn't win last year not likely this year. Under

Titans 5.5 -165
Lotta love for Mariotta for some reason but how hard is it to win 6 games? Meh. Under

Cowboys 9.5 -120
How bout them cowboys. Over

Giants 8 +130
Shoulda cut that old man coach last year. Under

Eagles 9.5 -200
Chip thinks he's still in the mediocre pac12. Under

Vikings 7.5 -260
Line is low but Teddy Bridgewater and co arent making the playoffs. Over

49ers 6.5 +125
Lol. Under

Patriots  11
They always win 11. Push

Steelers 8.5
Defense is dead under

Oakland Raiders 6.5
Hahahhaahah Jack Del Rio? Over

Bills will finish 8-8

Patriots over Cowboys in Super Bowl

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