Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ranking the Bills starting QBs this Century

by Steve

The Bills have been awful for 15 years.  They haven't made the playoffs since 1999 and it is because the owner was a joke, the coaches have been horrendous and the quarterbacks have been worse. Let's rank the Bills starters since the drought has started:

2000 Rob Johnson
Guy walked off the field with the lead against the eventual Super Bowl runners up.  He followed that up with a decent season.  I'm biased. fuck flutie

2004 Drew Bledsoe
The closest this franchise has come to the post season since '99.  Granted he choked against the Steelers week 17.

2002 Drew Bledsoe
 Finally had a real quarterback. 8-8 hurt but it was refreshing.

2008 Trent Edwards
So much promise so little result.

2014 EJ Manuel
Started out 2-2 and yanked but the Bills finished 9-7.

2005 JP Losman
2006 JP Losman
2007 JP Losman
Just mashing these seasons together because they were forgettable and regrettable.

2011 Ryan Fitzpatrick
2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick
Back to back 6-10 seasons, thanks for nothing ass hat.

2009 Trent Edwards
Another memorable 6-10 year, FML.

2013 EJ Manuel
Rookie lumps

2003 Drew Bledsoe
6-10 luckily this guy bounced back for one more year.

2001 Rob Johnson
This team was horrid and ROJO rarely ever saw the field ever again in the NFL.

2010 Trent Edwards
The season started 0-8 'nuff said.

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