Monday, September 21, 2015

Same Old Bills

By Steve

The owners, coaches, quarterbacks, receivers, runningbacks etc all change and the results are still the same, failure. What a pathetic sad performance this supposedly good team put on against the best team in the league.

Rex Ryan is a loser, the defense is grossly overrated and the quarterback is far from ready to be good. Tough to argue with any of that after watching the cheating Tom Brady put up 466 yards passing and doing anything he wanted.

What a shock that Julian Edelman and Gronk would put up huge games and account for 3 TDs. Who would think they would use Deion Lewis like all their previous RBs, running and catching the ball like wild.

I wonder if Rex knows his name yet? God damn loser. This guy was a horrid failure in New York and we think he is some sort of genius winner because he isnt Doug Marrone or Chan Gailey? Lol.

These is no hope or belief in this team, not this year. They have zero chance at winning the division barring an injury to Brady and his backup. So the only chance is a wild card birth which seems unlikely.

Maybe next year.

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  1. We're only two games into the season. Buffalo has a favorable schedule and can vie for a playoff berth. #hyperbolic