Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Buy into the Bills?

By Steve

Is it time yet to buy into the Buffalo Bills? Although I will probably regret this column in a few weeks... it might be time to buy in and here's why.

All four AFC East teams won; but the Bills looked the best out of the four with a dominating performance against the best of the four opponents each team faced. Out of the Redskins, Steelers, Browns and Colts, Indy is clearly the best of the bunch. Maybe if Pittsburgh had Bell and Bryant it could be debated but without them the Colts were far and away the best team.

Although only Miami played on the road, the Dolphins looked the least impressive needing a punt return in the 4th quarter to squeek past Washington. Also the Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterback.

But Bills fans have seen this before. Good starts, great starts even slow starts with a midseason bounce back. Until Tom Brady retires or Belichick stops cheating, Buffalo will never be the favorite to win the division. Even with a win this week against New England as slight underdogs wont change that.

But... even after just one week this season already feels different. The defense seems to be as great as the two previous seasons which is extremely encouraging. Rex Ryan is a legitimate head coach unlike any of the previous asshats the Bills have employed since Gomer Phillips. And the Bills might actually have some talent at the quarterback position for the first time since 2004.

Granted Tyrod Taylor played against a mediocre defense at home in front of an insane crowd whilst no one had any game tape against him but still. TT stayed in the pocket, delivered strikes, showed the rare (for a Buffalo QB) ability to actually throw the ball downfield and has quickness few at the position possess.

Wait, why the hell did Matt Cassel start the game with a trick play? Those are the sorts of things that concern me. Dumbass waste of time gimmicks.

Sooo maybe it isn't time to buy in just yet. Yeah it isn't time yet because we've been here before. Beat one of New England (preferably] or Miami in the next two weeks and beat the Giants to go 3-1 and I'll start to dream about January football.

Until the Cheatriots are dead and buried it will be tough to fully buy in.

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